A late summer evening, just before sunset. Seven bristly javelinas trot westward
toward a glowing Tucson skyline. Each critter carefully balances a small bungalow
on its back. The architectural style is immediately familiar: deep, wide front porches
beneath low roof lines held up by solid, thick columns that taper ever so slightly.
Suddenly, the disappearing sun reveals a grand finale, setting the clouds on fire
with yellows and reds all radiating from the skyline of downtown. And in that
golden light the last javelina turns to look back, and you think:

“Only in Tucson…”

For this mural, I chose to memorialize the careful relocation of seven
historic Craftsman Bungalows located in the Sunshine Mile section of Broadway
Blvd. Instead of demolishing the houses to make way for the new, the city approved
a delicate and quite remarkable scootch back.

We are growing fast, and balancing that rapid change with a respect for and celebration
of our unique culture is hard. This is a mural that not only honors our rich history, but also tells future developers, “Yes! This is how we do it in the Ol’ Pueblo.”

Read more about the unprecedented scootch here.
Painting day with the neighborhood.